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Club Profile

Club Overview

Riverside City FC is run by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Operations Manager/Treasurer, Registrar, and other board members from the community. The RCFC board generally meets every month and the meetings are open to all members of the Club.

The Club is also a member of the California Premier League umbrella and has all its teams competing in Coast Soccer League (CSL), the most competitive and prestigious youth soccer leagues in Southern California.

CSL is the league of competition and is affiliated with CYSA-South, the governing body for all club soccer players, and other matters. CYSA-South is an affiliate of the USSF.


I’m lucky to be part of a team who help to make me look good, and they deserve as much of the credit for my success as I do for the hard work we have all put in on the training ground. – Lionel Messi

Club Values


Riverside City FC is a family, it’s not just a soccer club. We put a high value on relationships and desire to see our city thrive through encouraging and supporting whole families.


Riverside City FC is a soccer club committed to playing, “The Beautiful Game” with excellence. When we play it beautifully and do it with quality and class, it serves our players well.


Soccer is an avenue for all of our players to express passion for “The Beautiful Game.” At Riverside City FC we are committed to creating a passion for not just the game of soccer, but for life, our community, and for all people around us. The Inland Empire region is a culturally diverse population and we want to embrace our roots in teaching our players the beauty of passion through relationships. Loving the game, people, our community, and accepting all cultures like they are our own family is the Riverside City FC way!

Club Components







The Club presently consists of several boys and girls teams in both “older” and “younger” age divisions. All exhibit better than average skills and athletic ability and possess a desire to improve their game through a higher level of training and competition. Most currently participate in school teams and many alumni have taken their soccer careers to the collegiate ranks, and some on to semi-pro and national teams.

Club soccer is, by nature, a competitive environment requiring a tremendous time and financial commitment, and finding quality players is always our priority. We do everything we can at the club level to scout and identify the type of player that RCFC requires to form teams that can compete at the highest possible level. But as we cannot get to everyone, we often require the help of our families in this endeavor. Therefore, if you know of a player who wants to take their game to the next level, contact the team manager and/or head coach, so that they may invite that player to tryout/train with the team to see if there is a “good fit.”

All our teams are trained by nationally licensed professional coaches and certified trainers approved by the Club. Most of our head coaches also coach high school teams in the Inland Empire and/or are “career” coaches. Parents occasionally assist coaches and serve as team managers at the discretion of the Director of Coaching.

Parents are expected to actively support their child’s participation as members of RCFC through positive reinforcement. This support also includes taking an active role in Club/Team related activities, team administration, and coordination of efforts as requested by the Team Coach or Club Officers. Parental involvement at RCFC is on a volunteer (i.e., unpaid) basis.

All of the Club’s teams are “select” – meaning that players must tryout to make the team in their age bracket. A player’s commitment to their team – and vice versa – is for an entire season through the end of State/National Cup.

Most teams will run tryouts soon after State/National Cup tournament has concluded. Teams may or may not require all their players to tryout at the end of every season. Please check with your team administrator.

Teams practice twice per week for 1 1/2-2 hours each mandatory session depending on the age bracket. Some coaches may require their teams to train a third night, but that’s usually at the older age groups and is quite often on an optional basis. Players are expected to attend all practices, games, and any other team events.

Preseason training at RCFC begins around August 1st.

The Fall League Season begins in September, the weekend after Labor Day, and continues through October and November and into December for some teams. The length of the season depends on how many teams are in your bracket. Within the regular fall league season there is League Cup – a tournament that is usually one to two weekends long. Depending on the age group, League Cup may immediately follow seasonal play or be delayed by several weeks.

In the new year, teams return after the winter break to prepare for State/National Cup. For younger teams (U9-U13) State/National Cup begins in late January/early February and is held over several successive weekends. Format for State/National Cup is a round of “Pool Play” followed by (if a team advances) by single elimination rounds. The younger State/National Cup is finished by the end of February. Following State/National Cup, teams begin the spring/summer tournament season which runs through, usually, the end of May/early June.

For older teams (U14-U19), State/National Cup begins in March/April because all high school players stop playing club soccer during their high school season (November-March). This is a CIF mandate.

The Club’s governing body (CYSA-S) provides only secondary coverage. Players must provide proof of primary coverage to become members of RCFC. Secondary coverage is effective immediately once a player and his/her parents submit the necessary Player Registration Form and the required Club fees.